Inspection, Design, and Technology Development

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we ensure high-quality work and reliable solutions for construction projects of any complexity.

If the task is to restore an old historic estate, reconstruct a factory, or waterproof a basement, it all starts with inspection, project development, and/or technology development.

This is the foundation of everything in construction. A large project requires a significant amount of work - inspection, research, design. For other projects, it may be sufficient to have our Technologist visit and develop a work Technology.

In comprehensive design, we cooperate with leading design institutes. We also maintain constant contact with the scientific departments and laboratories of our Partners - materials manufacturing plants, so we can quickly answer any, even the most unconventional questions.

For Designers

If the project is ready, we can help refine the section related to our Technologies. We provide all the necessary documentation, drawings of nodes, and certificates.

Інші наші послуги

    Our TECHNOLOGIES for your projects
    • We will audit your property
    • We will develop a TECHNOLOGY to solve your problem
    • We select and supply the necessary materials
    • We organize training or installation supervision on your object
    • We organize the execution of work