How can masonry mortar be improved?

How can a professional bricklayer work better and earn more?

As a boy, I began my career in construction as a bricklayer's assistant. Therefore, I know very well all the joys and difficulties of this exciting process of creating new brick walls.

When does the mason's soul sing? When everything is set up:

  • the scaffolding is installed correctly;
  • the material is prepared;
  • support staff are efficient;
  • the mortar for masonry is practical and elastic.

Under such conditions, high speed can be achieved.

And because a bricklayer is paid for the number of bricks laid, that means he will earn more.

How Can a Professional Bricklayer Work Better and Earn More?
How can a professional bricklayer work better and earn more?

And what will stop the work? In my opinion, the slow, inattentive helper comes first.

And secondly - a bad mortar for masonry

What is a bad mortar?

The mortar that “settles” in the bucket before the mason has had time to use it. The water separates upwards, the thick mixture settles and the work stops. You have to give the bucket to the helper to mix the mortar and waste time.

Or do you have to mix it yourself, but mixing the mortar with a trowel in a bucket isn't much fun.

Whoever did that knows it!

A long time ago, builders discovered a secret: they added liquid soap or washing powder. This gives the mortar mixture elasticity.

But listen, it was earlier! Cleaning products are intended to increase the efficiency of cleaning in the bathroom. Let them be used there.

Building science has already invented special additives specifically for building mortar, which eliminate all side effects and significantly improve the quality of building mortar.

In this article I would like to introduce you to one of these building additives:

DOMOLIT, manufactured at the ISOMAT factory (Greece)

This is a liquid micro-air additive that draws air into the mortar and significantly improves its properties.

Mortar with "DOMOLIT" additive has the followinThe mortar with the addition “DOMOLIT” has the following advantages: g advantages:

  • Improved adhesion:

    The mortar adheres well to the brick, which ensures high strength of the structure.

  • Improved elasticity:

    The mortar is very easy to work with, easy to apply and to level.

  • Maintaining mortar stability:

    The cement mortar does not "settle" and retains its consistency for a long time, so you can use it in time.

  • Frost resistance:

    The formation of air entrainments makes the mortar more frost-resistant, which is an important characteristic for construction work in a cold climate.trainment, the mortar becomes more frost-resistant, which is important for construction work in cold climates.

  • No efflorescence:

    The use of "DOMOLIT" helps prevent the appearanceThe use of “DOMOLIT” helps to avoid the appearance of efflorescence on the surface of bricks, which is important for ensuring the aesthetic appearance of structures. of efflorescence on the surface of bricks, which is important for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of construction structures.

  • Strength:

    Increases the strength of masonry.

  • Security:

    Does not contain chlorides and other corrosive substances.

One of these solutions is the use of an additive-plasticizer called“DOMOLIT“

Therefore, the use of effective solutions such as 'DOMOLIT' can make the work of a professional bricklayer much easier.

We have been supplying this material for a long time and use it constantly, so we would like to encourage you with full responsibility to use it in your work.

  • COST:50 g DOMOLIT per 25 kg cement.
  • Packaging:DOMOLIT is supplied in plastic containers of 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg as well as in barrels of 220 kg.
  • Certificates:Certified with CE marking as an air entraining agent - Certificate No.: 0906 - CPR - 02412007/02.

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